Network Coverage

1.28 Represents 1.28 billion TV population in China mainland
58.2 More than 58.2 thousands households
145 145 TAM panels
0.12 Represents 0.12 billion Radio population in China mainland
6.55 Represents 6.55 million TV population in Hong Kong

CSM Media Research operates the world's largest TV & radio audience measurement panel network, covering more than 58.2 thousands households. CSM's TV audience measurement network provides data that represents the viewing of 1.28 billion people in China mainland and 6.55 million people in Hong Kong SAR. The radio network represents the listening of 0.12 billion people in China.

Up to Feb, 2018, CSM delivers data from 145 TAM panels (1 national panel, 25 provincial panels, and 119 city panels including Hong Kong SAR) which provide data independently, measuring the viewing of 959 unique TV channels all day, every day of the year. Meanwhile, CSM has built radio audience measurement panels in 30 cities and 2 provinces, measures the listening of 418 radio frequencies.

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