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Establishment Survey

Establishment Survey(ES) plays a fundamental and important role in CSM’s broadcast rating measurement. It gives a panorama of certain area’s population and media condition through various indexes research, which is based on one national network, 25 provincial networks, over 100 civic networks and about 100 thousand samples. In order to ensure the samples’ representativeness, ES provides rating measurement’s regular panel with sampling frame and basis for sample rotation and panel control.

Establishment Survey adopts household questionnaire survey, and ensures a strictly qualified standard through the process. The annual regular research not only provides a frame supports the rating research, but also offers fundamental data for users to understand rational broadcasting market and competition situation.

Establishment Survey Additional Service

Based on the annual Establishment Survey, the Additional Service which is conducted in a scientific sampling system infers an overview of rational condition by means of comprehensive sampled statistics. Since CSM launched the Establishment Survey Additional Service, it has supported the independent research in the new media circumstance, also satisfied the customers’ multiple requirements for large scale sampling measurement.


Audience Lifestyle Measurement

Lifestyle is the crucial factor which influences audiences’ media behavior culturally and mentally. Different lifestyles lead to audiences’ diverse media behaviors. ‘Audience Lifestyle Measurement’ researches multiple aspects of audiences’ life conditions, ranging from attitudes and values, to daily activities and consumption habits. It supplies adverting creation, production and distribution with significant original and operational basis.

Audience Cross-media Behavior and Evaluation

‘Audience Cross-media Behavior and Evaluation ’ covers traditional and new media that engage audience frequently in daily life, including television, internet, radio, newspaper, magazine, vehicle mobile TV, building/outdoor TV, outdoor advertising, etc. Based on media broadcasting characters, the research frame includes time distributions of audience omnimedia behaviors, engagements of certain media, media preference, evaluations of different media/contents/services, etc.

Media Coverage Research

‘Media Coverage Research’ thoroughly examines the coverage of TV, radio and internet, which includes signal reception methods, terminals, locations, clarity, services and etc.

TV & Radio Brand Influence Research

Through evaluating and grading TV& Radio brands related factors, ‘TV & Radio Brand Influence Research’ measures the characters and levels of media brand influence. Evaluation and grading involve multiple aspects such as channels, programs, hosts, advertisements and etc. In the meantime, it also includes a wide range of indexes from media positioning and expectation, to brand popularity, favorable impression, and authority.

TV & Radio Content Research

‘TV & Radio Content Research’ measures audiences’ engagements, preferences and qualities of TV and radio programs. The indexes include programs’ penetration, contents’ topicality, credibility, practicability, presentation forms and style evaluations.

Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation

‘Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation’ requests audiences memorize the media types they engaged, which providing the advertisers with reference to understand and evaluate media’s advertising effectiveness. Measurements cover omnimedia advertisements which include regular television ads, digital TV on-demand ads, web ads, online video ads, mobile ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, movies ads, vehicle TV ads, building TV ads, etc.

Audience Leisure Consumption Measurement

‘Audience Leisure Consumption Measurement’ focuses on researching household leisure activities and consumer durables consumptions, in order to acquaint us with audiences’ consumption abilities, leisure activity preferences and offer comprehensive consultancy of audiences’ daily life.

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