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Based on a global network, KANTAR SPORT (previously TNS Sport) is now one of the largest integrated sports research entity providing the industry with a "complete" research solution and setting industry standards.

In 2002, CSM Media Research - the leader in China and Hong-Kong TV Audience Measurement (the world's largest television research network) - brought to China TNS Sport, the sports and sponsorship research arm of its parent company TNS (one of the largest market research and information group).

Our Capabilities

Adhering to Kantar Sport experience in the global sports market and its Sport Evaluation System, Kantar Sport China provides widest range of sports research services and most complete and accurate information about the sports market.

  • Market Overview

    Comprehensive insights of composition, size and distribution of sports audience, as well as comprehensive insights about each sports market status and trends.

  • Event Evaluation

    Evaluation of sports events, tournaments based on in-depth analysis  in order to provide clients with clear marketing insights to make decisions.

  • Sponsorship Effect Evaluation

    Focus on sports sponsorship. Provide data support for clients to help them know sponsorship resources and benefits.

  • Consultancy Services

    With more than 15 years efforts on sports research, Kantar Sport China provides recognized and reliable data and intelligence for clients interested in the  sports market.

Kantar Sport China aims at developing an actionable system from Kantar Sports to track, evaluate & report to the whole industry about the effectiveness of sports marketing to ensure that sports sponsorship marketing continues to grow in a steady way.

Our Services

Multimedia and Multidimensional Interpretation of Sports Events Dissemination

  • Sports events media usage measurement

    Monitor and measure the media consumers often use like TV, Prints, Internet… to give clients a whole view of the ways sports events are consumed in order to help them make reliable and accurate decisions for successful sponsorship actions.

  • Sports Sponsorship Evaluation Report

    Measure the effect/impact of sports sponsorship via the Kantar Sport Evaluation Model in order to quantify the value of brand communication and  use in depth-analysis to asses the impact of sports, especially the benefits/KPI for sponsors.

  • One Year of Sports on TV in China Report

    Full picture of all sports channels in China. Aggregation of the annual  TV sports market performances.
    Summary and benchmarking of key trends.
    The ‘’white book’’ of sports in China, which has become the reference !

Insights of China & Asia Sports and Sponsorship Market

  • China Sports Barometer Report

    Currently, China’s largest sports consumers and sponsorship market research report. Started in 2003, it covers the 28 largest Chinese cities. The report provides a comprehensive knowledge of the China sports scene: participation in sports, interest in sports and sports events, favorite stars, awareness of sponsors, etc….

  • Asia Sports Barometer Report

    Panoramic display of the sports markets trend across 10 major Asian countries.

    The reports provides multi-countries benchmarking as well as specific and reliable data insights for all the actors of the flourishing Asian sports industry.

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