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About TAM TV rating is the percentage of total audience (or households) with their TV sets tuned to a particular station/channel or program for a specified length of time over the total audience (or households) that have TV. As an important indicator of the attention economy, TV ratings are the currency of buying and selling of commercial airtime, provide an indication of TV program quality, and play a significant role in TV programs ‘revisions, improvements and scheduling decisions. TV rating is expressed as a simple percentage calculation, but it involves using comprehensive scientific methods in a series of processes that includes Establishment Survey, sampling, panel creation, data collection, data processing, etc.

Radio rating is the percentage of total audience (or households) with their radio tuned to a particular station/frequency or program for a specified length of time over the total audience (or households) that have radio. As an important indicator of the attention economy, radio ratings are the currency of buying and selling of commercial airtime, provide an indication of radio program quality, and play a significant role in radio programs’ revisions, improvements and scheduling decisions.

Convergence communication research

In order to be geared to new demands for the integration of content market and TV media, CSM is constantly exploring the diversified integration and multi-scene application of data. We are focusing on the great potential of mobile internet content, to provide effective data support and research support for TV media to accomplish the layout of communication on mobile terminals, and to enhance its influence on the Internet.  

The monitoring and research of short video and live-stream on mobile devices, which aims to do some research on the characteristics of their contents, production agencies and important special subjects. In addition, by integrating data of TV view, online view, social media and apps, CCI research aims to support media convergence of TV

The monitoring and research of short-video on mobile devices

The monitoring and research of live-stream on mobile devices

TV content convergence communication research

Full Media Measurement

CSM Media Research’s service has been expanding from audience measurement of radio and TV to the full scenario of cross-platform measurement with a unilateral evaluation criteria. Based on the experience of radio and TV audience measurement in the past years, and by integrating the data of media consumption for TV, radio, internet and social media, CSM Media Research is now able to measure the full audience across different media platforms, enabling the integrated value research of the contents on different platforms. The full media measurement by CSM Media Research is a thorough and full-scale solution for measuring the audio-video audience as individuals and will be the preferable and innovative options for the media industry.

Research on the Media Convergence of Radio

CSM Media Research has already accomplished the measurement of listening behavior both radio and audio vie MRL virtual meter which is being improved continuously .We keep on expanding tech-boundary to empower new research field, making all time and space measurement system based on homologous sampling, Meanwhile collecting data of new media account of Radio stations in order to supply more valuable data and research results for them in the aspects of whole media operation, propagation matrix assessment , radio hosts evaluation, etc. CSM will insist on doing sustainability research in media convergence to better serve the industry.

Customized Research

CSM incorporates advanced quantitative measurement and qualitative measurement research methods from Kantar into our customized research, which includes desk top research, focus groups, in depth interviews, online survey, telephone interviews, street interviews and door to door interviews etc.. Based on different needs of both domestic and international clients, their own characteristics and their media brand advantages, CSM endeavors to provide in-depth media analysis and other related consulting services for state administration institutions, TV stations, radio stations, advertisers, advertising agencies and other media-related organizations. Two fields of research: audience and content. Four directions of research on: the channel coverage, the content competition, the brand influence and the media convergence.

Based on the mega database of programs contents and video resources accumulated over the past years, and with a professional research team experienced for more than 20 years, CSM Media Research is able to provide customized content research products to the market in terms of broadcasting and viewing of contents including TV series, life service programs, kids programs, TV movies and variety shows. Such research helps to promote the existing advantage of the TV media which has been enjoying a high audience fidelity, and will further help the media players in the cross-media convergence with its huge database and professional research products.

Sports & Media

Based on a global network, KANTAR SPORT (previously TNS Sport) is now one of the largest integrated sports research entity providing the industry with a "complete" research solution and setting industry standards.

In 2002, CSM Media Research - the leader in China and Hong-Kong TV Audience Measurement (the world's largest television research network) - brought to China TNS Sport, the sports and sponsorship research arm of its parent company TNS (one of the largest market research and information group).

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