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Based on advanced service principles and efficient software, CSM provides all our clients with timely and high-quality service, including routine service and value-added services. CSM is also dedicated to perfecting its current service flow and expanding its product portfolio to improve the speed, precision, depth and scope of its client service.

Routine Service

Clients will receive routine services based on their contracts. Routine services include: software installation and maintenance, providing rating data, delivering rating reports, and regular training and technical support. This service allows our clients to receive the most convenient and comprehensive services at all times.

Software Installation and Maintenance

All clients will be given the rating analysis software – InfoSys Radio developed by Kantar. At present, this software is already broadly used in 20 countries worldwide. Within China well over 100 TV stations, radio stations and domestic/international advertising agencies are using InfoSys Radio. CSM's client service executives provide clients with a comprehensive set of services including software installation and operational training, and help clients to effectively utilize the software in the shortest time possible.

Delivery of Audience Data

Clients can easily access and download the latest audience data they subscribe from CSM server via internet by using the pre-installed software called Ftpload in a scheduled manner where the weekly diary data becomes available on Friday and the daily MRL(Mobile Research Labs) meter data every day.

Regular Training and Technical Support
In addition to the routine service of receiving the measurement data, all clients will have access to the services ranging from software training, surveying methodology to statistical glossaries in a manner of one-to-one explanation or lecture, for a better understanding of radio audience measurement..
Value-added Services

In addition to the efficient routine services, CSM also provides a series of value added services to better meet clients' specific needs, such value-added services inclusive of the following:


  • Radio Media market analysis
  • Sharing of Research findings
  • Media information express
Sharing research findings
  • 《China Radio Rating Yearbook》

In order to provide better service for the industry, and  to meet need of market towards radio rating data, as the leading force in radio rating measurement industry, CSM Media Research has published China Radio Rating Yearbook on annual basis since 2005, By 2016, there have been 12 issues of China Radio rating Yearbook.

China Radio Rating Yearbook consists of the following four parts: Part I-Review: This section is panoramic description and analysis of previous year China Radio market from the aspects of listening environment, audience characteristics, audience listening behaviors, frequencies competition, programmes competition, and television advertisement inputting and competition. Part II-Case Study: Besides rating analysis of several main types of programmes like news, traffic, music, arts and lifestyle, this section also analyses ratings of features events, and special programmes or frequencies as well as the radio advertisement market; meanwhile, this section gives further research on the hot issues of the industry.  Part III-Programme Data: This part provides CSM Media Research city and provincial panels radio rating data, related to indicators like per capita listening time, ratings trends throughout the year and throughout the day, audience constitution and frequencies competition.

Part IV-Appendices: This section includes the basic situation of CSM Media Research rating survey in different panels.

China Radio Rating Yearbook not only provides comprehensive analysis on China Radio market to those working in media research industry, but also accurate rating data of national and all key markets. China Radio Rating Yearbook is a necessary reference book for all people working in media research industry.


  • 《Radio Ratings Research》

Radio Ratings Research, a bimonthly internal journal was launched in February, 2007. The journal mainly focuses onradio industry, radio ratings research findings and professional media discussions of up-to-date viewpoints. Radio Ratings Research, which is accessibleto all CSM's RAM clients and other media professionals, has become an excellent forum for radio media professionals.

  • 《Introduction to China Media Industry series of books and reports》

As a leader in rating measurement industry, CSM Media Research,  since its foundation in 1997, besides providing timely and accurate ratings data, has also focused on rating related research work. Especially in last ten years, CSM Media Research takes advantage of its own data and research team, based on mass rating data, and conducts deep research on Chinamedium contact behavior of the audience, the rating market, advertisement inputting, new media, and media fusion, of which results are concluded in China Media Industry series of books and reports. CSM Media Research has become a very important field of media studies research institution.

Written (or published) by CSM media research China Media Industry series of books and reports include:100Q&As about TV Ratings,TV Audience Measurement (TAM)  and Ratings Application Manual,Radio Audience Measurement and Ratings Application Manual

Media Express

Starting from early 2016, CSM published a weekly bulletin called Media Express-Radio to be sent to the clients. The bulletin reports the development of radio media and reprints the reports and research findings made by other research organizations or academicians. The bulletin brings helpful materials and convenience to the clients for their research and media management.

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