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Radio rating is the percentage of total audience (or households) with their radio tuned to a particular station/frequency or program for a specified length of time over the total audience (or households) that have radio. As an important indicator of the attention economy, radio ratings are the currency of buying and selling of commercial airtime, provide an indication of radio program quality, and play a significant role in radio programs’ revisions, improvements and scheduling decisions.

About RAM
  • Establishment Survey Establishment Survey, aimed at understanding the radio listenership universe and other detailed information of radio markets, is an essential part of the measurement service.
  • Sampling and Setting up a Panel To give a reliable measurement service, a Panel must be representative of the population from which it is selected, apart from any deliberate disproportionate sampling.
  • Data Collection Diary Method| PPM Periodical Radio Listening Survey|Continuous Radio Listening Survey
  • Data Processing Data processing is an important part of the RAM service, and includes the following three major procedures
Professional Service
  • Software Installation and Maintenance All clients who subscribe data generated from a minimum of one market for more than one year will be entitled to one set of media research software named InfosysPlus developed by Kantar.  InfosysPlus is capable of running measurement data of TV and radio and is widely used among hundreds of clients including broadcasters and advertising agencies in China and from around the world.  Client Executives from CSM Media Research can respond promptly ...
  • Delivery of Audience Data Clients can easily access and download the latest audience data they subscribe from CSM server via internet by using the pre-installed software called Ftpload in a scheduled manner where the weekly diary data becomes available on Friday and the daily MRL(Mobile Research Labs) meter data every day.
  • Regular Training and Technical Support In addition to the routine service of receiving the measurement data, all clients will have access to the services ranging from software training, surveying methodology to statistical glossaries in a manner of one-to-one explanation or lecture, for a better understanding of radio audience measurement..
  • Series of Media Reports In cooperation with other media research organizations and well-known experts, CSM periodically publishes a series of media reports analyzing the current radio market situation, characteristics and trends of the radio media market, such as the China Radio Report.  All of these reports are essential for high level professionals in the current media research field in China.  These reports provide clients with an important reference for better und...
  • Radio Ratings Research Radio Ratings Research, a bimonthly internal journal was launched in February, 2007.  The journal mainly focuses on radio industry, radio ratings research findings and professional media discussions of up-to-date viewpoints.  Radio Ratings Research, which is accessible to all CSM's RAM clients and other media professionals, has become an excellent forum for radio media professionals.
  • Media Express-Radio Starting from early 2016, CSM published a weekly bulletin called Media Express-Radio to be sent to the clients.  The bulletin reports the development of radio media and reprints the reports and research findings made by other research organizations or academicians.  The bulletin brings helpful materials and convenience to the clients for their research and media management.
RAM Products
  • RAM ---- Radio Audience Measurement
  • New diary panel set up, city panel and provincial panel
  • Radio rating report
  • RAM ---- Radio Audience Measurement
  • New diary panel set up, city panel and provincial panel
  • Radio rating report
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