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TV Program Rating & Information System-Reality Shows(TVPRISRS), developed and distributed by CSM Media Research, is a comprehensive system that combines the research of  background information, broadcasting information and ratings information of reality shows into a one-stop enquiry.  TVPRISRS can provide comprehensive information and rating research data of reality shows by over 60 satellite channels in 71 cities in China.  Currently, the system provides information for over 800 reality shows since 2003.  It is an overview and applied analysis tool for people who work in the area of reality shows plan, production, distribution, purchase, programming, evaluation and research.

TVPRISRS not only fills the blanks in the analysis of Reality shows, but it also links the description of the reality shows to the rating data, and provides functions including search and analysis that is faster, more convenient and more useful.

The interface of TVPRISRS is comprised of menus, windows, buttons and other visible Windows based tools.  TVPRISRS has a user friendly interface and can be operated easily.  Users are able to master all the search and analysis functions in a short time.

Main functions

TVPRISRS enables the users to make enquiries on the background information and broadcast information, and to produce a customized ratings data report in combination with the Weibo indices of the reality shows. It saves users’ time to find the background information and helps the users to make analysis featured with summary crosstab reports and rankings reports.

Background information of Reality shows

TVPRISRSgenerates mainly four categories of information includingcontents, relationship between the participants, major participants and form of the presentation of the programs. Users can find out information such as name or alternative name of the reality show, sponsorship, hosts, names of the participants, producers, copyrights, video platforms broadcasting the shows. In the background information of a certain reality show, users can learn the details of other programs or reality shows participated and produced by the current hosts, participants and producers.

Enquiry of reality shows’ Ratings and Weibo Indices

TVPRISRS provides not only the broadcasting information such as name, city, channel, date, weekday, start time, end time and duration of the reality show, but also the ratings and market share of the show. Users can make enquiries in terms of ratings, market share, the broadcasting and viewing summary of a certain theme in different market and different channels, and can find the performance of a certain drama by certain directors, actors and actresses, or play-writes and production companies. Users can also get the Weibo indices of the reality shows.

Cross-tab Reports

TVPRISRS can generate crosstab reports in dozens of attributes including name, date, channel, city, times, contents, relationship, copy-right and participants. The output units include: broadcasts, Rtg%, Shr%, Rtg(000) and total Dursec.

Summary Reports

TVPRISRS can summarize many attributes in a crosstab output format (including name, date, channel, city, area, times, company). For instance, the software can collect automatically the gross area or channel of specific reality show or theme, so the operator can save time on having to collect this information manually.

Ranking Reports

TVPRISRS is completely designed according to the demands and habits of media professionals, especially the function of Reality show ranking. Users can get two main ranking models: city ranking and channel ranking. In addition, TVPRISRS can show the ranking of specific Reality shows in different cities, channels and the sum of Reality shows. The ranking will be presented to the users directly.

Auxiliary function:
  • User management

TVPRISRS includes a multi-user, multi-level supervision system which can establish several users' names and unique passwords. Each user can create their own templates and data output statistics, which can satisfy different demands.


  • Template management

TVPRISRS is released with some default templates. Users can edit, copy and paste them. For user created templates, users can modify and change the template name. Users can import and export templates that can be shared with other users. Different computers can share the same templates. Template can be deleted to save computer storage space and help the system run more efficiently.


  • Data management

TVPRISRS includes a data management function that can enable customers to regulate the format of the results of data operations according to their needs. For example users can conceal, display, sort, save and print the results. In addition, there is a convenient data download supervision function that can link to the CSM servers and download new data every week including updated program rating data and background information.


  • System management

The TVPRISRS system management function mainly includes modifying the password, data save path location, checking the date range of the data and showing operation processing status.

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