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CSM Media Research was established in Hong Kong in 1997, focusing on audience measurement services and customized research for the advertising and media industry.

CSM has been active in audience measurement in Hong Kong for over 15 years. In July 2005 and November 2016, CSM was awarded the Hong Kong Television Audience Measurement Service (HKTAM) contract after competing against other international companies (including the incumbent) and became the official TV ratings service provider within these periods.

CSM’s portfolio of audience measurement services also includes big data analytics. CSM and Kantar, together with Now TV, launched the first integrated cross-platform audience measurement using return path data, Return Path Rating (RPR), in Hong Kong in 2014. The RPR Service provides information on how Now TV households consume video, whether it is interacting with the various features of the set-top-box/ video service, or consuming channels, programs and commercials on a second-by-second basis.

Through CSM’s local expertise, combined with our network in mainland China and Kantar’s cutting-edge technology and data science, CSM offers a wide range of research solutions to meet different business needs, including data modelling and analytics, customized quantitative and qualitative research studies, consultancy services, etc.

CSM also provides clients with the tools and expert support to plan and analyze complex data sets. We do this with a variety of applications tailored to specific needs, enabling clients to unlock audiences with analytical software, user-friendly dashboards and APIs.

Award Winning

CSM is honored to receive the “Most Outstanding Audience Measurement Research Services of the Year” Award from the Hong Kong Commercial Times (HKCT). This Award is a testament to our continued commitment to excellence, and putting the client at the center of our business.


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To find out more about how CSM can help your business, please contact us at:
CSM Media Research Co. Ltd.
Suite 2603, AIA Kowloon, Landmark East,
100 How Ming Street,
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Tel:     (852) 2111 8808
Email:    csmhk@csmhk.com.hk


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