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Product: TV Program Rating & Information System (TVPRIS)

Main users

Distributors(production company、distribution company)
Purchasers(TV station)
Supervision Authorities(government)
Specialists on TV Drama programming, analyzing, evaluating and researching.

Main users

TV Program Rating & Information System(TVPRIS), developed and distributed CSM Media Research, is a comprehensive system that combines the background information, broadcasting information and ratings information of a TV drama into one-stop enquiry.  TVPRIS can provide comprehensive information and rating research data of TV Dramas for about 500 channels in 100 cities in China.  Currently, the system provides information for about 16000 TV Dramas.  It is a comprehensive overview and applied analysis tool for the people who work in the area of TV Drama plan, production, distribution, purchase, programming, evaluation and research.

TVPRIS not only fills the blanks in the analysis of TV Dramas, but it also links to the rating data, and provides functions including search and analysis that is faster, more convenient and more useful.
Therefore, TVPRIS is an extremely useful tool for professionals in the TV Drama market and it is a very important communication bridge throughout every part of the TV Drama market.

The interface of TVPRIS is comprised of menus, windows, buttons and other visible Windows based tools.  TVPRIS has a user friendly interface and can be operated easily.  Users are able to master all the search and analysis functions in a short time.

Main functions
TVPRIS enables the users to access the data of TV drama in terms of background information, broadcasting information, audience ratings, crosstab analysis and TV Drama ranking. These functions can help users avoid collecting information themselves.
Information of TV Drama broadcasting and viewing

TVPRIS collects all kind of information of TV Dramas, including: 34 TV Drama themes defined by CSM Media Research, 15 TV Drama types defined by SARFT(State Administration of Radio, Film and Television), producing area(29 types) , times background(22 types), expression form(11 types), episode and the origins of playbooks(6 types). In addition, users can use this system to search TV Drama’s name, playwright, director, production organization, original work length etc. For example, detailed information about specific TV Dramas, all the names of the directors, names of the actors or actresses who took part in particular TV Dramas and distribution information of current TV Drama types.

Hardware requirements

TVPRIS provides not only every TV Drama's broadcasting information, including name, city, channel, date, weekday, start time, end time and duration, but also TV Drama rating and market share. Users can make enquiries in terms of ratings, market share, the broadcasting and viewing summary of a certain theme in different market and different channels, and can find the performance of a certain drama by certain directors, actors and actresses, or playwrites and production companies.

Hardware requirements

TVPRIS operates in the Windows environment with the minimum hardware requirements as the following:

  • CPU: Dash about IV 2 Ghz;
  • Memory: 1 Gb or above
  • Hard drive: In addition to audience data, the available space should be bigger than 20 Gb

TVPRIS is protected by multiple security systems which controls accessibility to the software and its data for the clients

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