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With the rapid development of TV, Radio and other media markets in recent years, the demand for media information continues to increase . As media evolves, audience behavior becomes more and more personalized and complex which requires a audience viewing analysis tool to meet the needs of media analyst. To meet this need a totally new analysis software, InfoSysPlus TV, was developed by Kantar Media Group and is licensed to CSM.

InfoSysPlus TV was developed in cooperation with CSM and  incorporates nearly ten- years of experiences in media software development and services of Kantar Media and CSM and includes suggestions and recommendations from the majority of media professionals in domestic China. InfoSysPlus TV was  launched in the second half of 2010. Compared with InfoSys2607, InfoSysPlus TV has a more user-friendly interface, flexible functions, greater stability and faster calculation speed, including  the following:

New interface and personalized report
More personalized elements are integrated into the interface of InfoSysPlus TV. The homepage can be set according to the users requirements, for example a remote web page, , a predefined template,a precalculated report or even a picture of the user. Users can also set the format of reports and outputs to different styles.
Integrated template of period, programs, spots analysis
Different analysis modules are integrated in InfoSysPlus TV. Users can calculate periods, programs, spots, programs minute by minute, program crosstab, spots crosstab, audience curves, migrations curve, vehicles, planning, optimization, and all 18 reports by only setting a template. This kind of integration helps to simply software operating procedures and reduce operational difficulty. Even beginners can easily operate it. Besides, the integration also makes the operations more flexible and diverse for the same template with different settings which can report various results for the user.

User group management and user defined variable sharing within groups
In InfoSys2607 TV, there are only 2 kinds of users: one is a basic user, the other is an administrator, whereas in InfoSysPlus TV, in addition, there is a  user group concept that  can manage different users. For example, an administrator can create user groups for different users and give different rights to each user group. Users in the same group are able to share their templates and user defined variables with each other. Users are also able to decide whether to share their own templates and user defined variables with other users in the same group or out of their group. The new user group management system creates a balance between information secutiry and sharing resources.

Auto-processed Batch report
The Batch function in InfoSysPlus TV is further improved. Users can pre-set batch tasks before calculation such as the export file format , whether or not to print the report, whether or not the template opens when the batch calculations are finished  and so on. In addition, users are able to update the TV report after loading new data and sending it by email or upload it to a certain sever automatically.

Integrated "Final Report"
InfoSysPlus TV offers a "Final Report" page in which users can compile the results of various reports, such as "time report", "program report", "audience curve" into one. Even charts, user icons and the analysis of text can be inserted into the "Final Report". With “Final Report” users are able to get the final report directly without using other presentation tools.
Other new features
Besides the above new features, a list of new reports are added to InfoSysPlus TV compared with InfoSys2607, such as "Competitive analysis", "Multiple Inheritance", "Competition units ", "Programs minute by minute", "Programs and Spots" and also "Graphic", "Final Report", "Excel". The "Competitive Analysis" reports the rating of competitive channels and programs during the broadcast of the main channel and programs. It is for competitive situation analysis. "Multiple inheritance" reports the audience flow before and after the main programs. “Competition units " reports the rating of competitive channels within the same timeband of main programs. " Programs minute by minute " reports minute by minute rating of a certain program which shows the rating fluctuation with the program. " Programs and spots " reports programs’ rating and also spots rating within and between programs.

In addition, the templates and reports are saved as two separate files in InfoSysPlus TV. Users can easily share templates with othersand can  delete report files. InfoSysPlus TV also provides background information of channels and regions. Users can filter out specific channels and regions according to certain criteria. Units are grouped based on their usages so users can easily find out units they want to calculate. In InfoSysPlus TV, it’s not  necessary to calculate twice  rather only click update button to change the number of decimal places of the results.

As the fourth generation of media analysis software launched by CSM over the past ten years, InfoSysPlus TV will  bring users a thoroughly new experience.

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