Network Coverage

1.28 Represents 1.28 billion TV population in China mainland
53,000 close to 53,000 households
117 117 TAM panels
60 close to 60 million Radio population in China mainland
6.49 Represents 6.49 million TV population in Hong Kong

CSM Media Research is a joint venture mainly co-funded by CTR Market Research and Kantar Media. Since its establishment on December 4th, 1997, based on international scientific and technological standards and in-depth understanding of the domestic market, it provides numerous reliable and uninterrupted audience measurement and in-depth research services such as TAM, RAM, sports & media and new media research for China and Hong Kong SAR.

As a leading audience researcher in China, CSM operates the world’s largest audience measurement panel with successive and sophisticated research instruments used by hundreds of clients from broadcasters, advertising agencies and media researchers both at home and abroad. CSM TV ratings measurement has been upgraded and is capable of cross-media audience survey. CSM Media Research is now able to provide advanced research services for Weibo users measurement, live TV ratings and time-shift TV viewing ratings. In addition, CSM Media Research enables it’s clients with the single-panel audience data of TV viewing for OTT, smart TV and IPTV. CSM Media Research is also the full media research service provider for TV stations and agencies in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region under a six-year agreement.

With the change of the media landscape and the development of data demand from the media industry, CSM Media Research launched the cloud service tool of V+Scope in 2019, which enables CSM’s better and new services including media integration research, sports media research, big data research and audience-consumer integration research and etc. With CSM’s cloud service of V+Scope, TV stations and other data users can have a better understanding of the new media and will perform better in the mobile media market.


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